Our Success Stories

Gray Wilson

Lost 59lbs in 7 Months
For my sons 18th birthday I asked him to choose a special activity we could do together, he chose skydiving. After looking into it, I could not because I was over the weight limit, now that I am well below the weight limit we will get to do it. My Sleep apnea has greatly improved, symptoms of asthma have completely disappeared, I am off most medications, feel 20 years younger and can maintain rigorous sport activity. Basically I have shaved off 20 years and improved my general health.

Sylvie Levasseur

Lost 43lbs in 4 Months
I chose Smart for Life because I wanted to lose weight the healthy way, I not only wanted to do it quickly, but I also wanted to keep it off forever. I will be a Healthy Old Lady! I heard the commentary from a my good friend, he had done the Smart for Life program over three years ago and had not gained back a single pound, I figured if he could do, so could I! Since my weight-loss my joints don’t ache anymore, when climbing the stairs I no longer get short of breath, and when coming down the stairs I don’t have to take each stair slowly anymore. I have a lot more energy and self esteem, its as if I could do anything, I smile all the time and actually feel pretty when I go out.

Bruce Seltzer

Lost 90lbs in 10 Months
I chose Smart for Life because I needed help I was extremely overweight. I have since lowered my cholesterol, my back and joint problems have disappeared, and there is no more heavy breathing, when doing simple tasks. I exercise regularly and no longer feel tired or lazy, I have a lot more energy to do the things I love like playing sports with my son.

Kathy Henderson

Lost 88lbs in 9 Months
I never felt like a big girl & now my outside matches my inside. I chose Smart for Life because I had seen how it had worked for others. The weight comes off quickly & new eating habits being. The program has changed my eating habits and the people at the center have been irreplaceable in helping me through my journey. I can exercise easier, my knees feel better since the weight-loss, I like exercising now and do it regularly. People treat me differently now, I am excited about my new found health and look forward to living a long healthy life.

Adry’n Beriault

Lost 100lbs in 9 Months

One day, a friend, whom I get to see once a year, came to visit me. As soon as I saw her I realized how much she had changed and I told her that she looked 10 years younger. If I had crossed a path with her on the a street I would not have recognized her I asked her what she had done to improve so much in such a short period of time, and that’s when she explained the Smart for Life program. Ii can finally do activities that I like such as dancing and my breathing problems, swollen legs, and dizzy spells are gone! It is like day and night, I feel seductive and in great shape, I look better then I did 10 years ago!


Lost 71.4 lbs in 5 Months

Marco lost with Smart For Life 71.4 Lbs in 5 months (January 2014 to June 2014) and keeps it off by snacking on Smart For Life products. We are so proud of him